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rather than from merely adapting to change others drive...

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Business Consultant

Dr. Georgios Karadimas

Adizes Associate, PhD, MSc, MBA, MEng, DipM.


To make solid value available to organizations and the society


The employment of a rare combination of knowledge, experiences and skills for uncovering hidden value for the sake of all

Organizations and businesses today have a sheer need of management capacity, since the rate of change is simply too big and accelerating. However, not only knowledge, experience and skills are hard to find but even when they are found they are too expensive for organizations to afford.

No matter how big or strong organizations are, it is never possible that they cover all their needs in-house. At the same time, they may face all kinds of problems in various levels. Problems may exist at organizational culture, organizational structure, management process and functional levels. Those problems are interconnected, and that in turn makes the problem-solcing process very hard. To make things even worse, management usually only sees their manifestations or their symptoms at best. Their causes are either invisible or not directly manageable. Consulting companies may offer very valuable and highly-specific advice, which may however serve as the right answer to the wrong question. This is not necessarily their fault. Rather, it is a manifestation of the fact that organizations simply are quite often unable to even identify, not to say to solve, their own problems.

It is important that management consultants invest in getting to know their clients deeply. It is also extremely important that they be able to implement a specific process to diagnose them and in parallel to use highly-sophistication tools in order to help them identify where the problems are, how thρυ can be attacked and in what sequence. I do exactly that! I offer a robust addition of management capacity exactly where the organizations needs it at exactly the quantity that is reauired. Organizations therefore pay exactly for what they need, no less, no more.

As soon as problems are identified, organizations need to take decisions effectively and implement them efficiently. Effective decision-making is a tedius process requiring certain technologies. However, the main problem is not so much in decision-making. The real problem lies in implementation and it is quite rare that consultants stay with their clients during this stage. Organizations often receive excellent reports with nice suggestions of what needs to be done ony to stack them in the drawers of their managers. This is again not their fault. All academic institutions around the globe train executives to make well-informed decisions, largely focusing on mathematics and numbers, quite often ignoring the softer social context ascpect. They however do not teach decision implementation at all!

I stay with my clients during the implemantation of the decisions that I have helped them make. I am therefore sharing the relevant risk with them. I simply have a strong confidence in the technology I use in order to help them make and implement them. In parallel, my long tenure as a c-level executive makes me confident in the implementation stage too. I therefore decisively stay with my clients during this stage taking all the heat with them, however ensuring successful implementation.

In the heart of my practice lies the Adizes methodology, a holistic approach to oganizational transformation with proven results around the globe during the last five decades. I am proudly an associate of the Adizes Institute and a member of its global professional network..

A Holistic Approach to Strategic Management Consulting Using the Adizes Methodology

There are four layers on which services are offered namely,

  • organizational culture,
  • organizational structure,
  • management process and
  • functional


  • Professionalism: Delivers on promise. Prompt in responding. Adopts a no excuses attitude. Walks the talk. Adheres to the highest ethical standards
  • Responsibility: Cares about sustainability and wise utilization of resources. Sincere and truthful
  • Excellence: Despises unearned wealth. Loves hard work. Appreciates the beauty and the power of simplicity
  • Approachability: Communicative. Open. Active listener. Believes in that the joy of life is the cornerstone of being. Values function and appreciates form
  • Perseverance. Patient and persistent. Adopts a never give up attitude - a Rome was not conquered in one day approach

Member and Official Representative of the Adizes Institute
for Greece and Cyprus



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