Fear and Faith

Crises and Value Calls
April 19, 2020
Γ. Καραδήμας Σύμβουλος επιχειρήσεων
Problems and Opportunities
July 5, 2020
Σύμβουλος επιχειρήσεων Γ. Καραδήμας

Humans are the only beings that live in the past, in the present and in the future simultaneously. They live in the past with memories. Memories to a large extend define not only the way they think but also the way they feel and ultimately the way they behave and act. This can go quite far. People sometimes live in a bubble that is defined by the paradigms of the past, a bubble that cannot be easily escaped. And this only happens because the past firmly answers the “how” questions of life. Simply, something that has happened has happened. No doubt about that. Facts are facts. And facts are objective. However, the mistake that people usually make is that the meaning attached to them, is just not. It is purely subjective!

People also live in the future. They live in the future with dreams. Dreams also define the way people think, feel, behave and act. But there is a clear distinction between memories and dreams. Dreams answer only the “why” questions.

Dreams can be realized, but they do not stand a chance of becoming reality unless action is taken. And that only happens when the “what” and the “when” questions come into play. The premise is that the only way that dreams can become reality is by taking some immediate action. Enter the paradigms of the past to cut ways out. Sometimes all of them! And most of the time, it is fear that drives the whole process! After all, the meaning that is attached to things that have been experienced is quite subjective and as a result very flexible… An excuse for not acting can always be found in the deepest realm of fear! It is this process that feeds the beast of fear. And fear stimulates fight or flight responses, the second always being the less risky and therefore the most chosen one!

Overcoming fear, which is firmly based on the meaning that has been attached to facts is difficult, but not impossible to overcome. But there seems to be something. And this something is called faith. Faith is based on dreams. It is based on assumptions. As a result of this, by definition, it seems to be weak. And it actually is. But there are always people that are driven by it. After all, things change and it is those whose faith dominates their fear, that drive forward! How this happens is quite interesting taking under consideration that people, organizations and societies seem to be driven by fear. Fear dominates the striking majority of discussions. And it dominates most actions. After all, a strategy to protect what has been gained is a sound one…

What most people forget to do is to live in the present. To be aware, of what is actually happening now. To have a clear understanding of the fact that there can be similarities with other situations, but ultimately every situation is unique. Living in the present also allows a clear judgment on what sort of dreams can become a reality. For it is based not on fear but on a clear and well-informed understanding of current reality. In this context, the past can serve as an indication and not as a proof. And dreams at the same time are viewed as mere possibilities that need to be based on certain assumptions that need to be proved in some way. An integration of the past, present and future is conducive to self-realization.

Integration means that one is present with mind, body, emotions and soul. It means that one sets his or herself free of any predispositions and experience the present by balancing thoughts and emotions. It means that one is fully aware that memories are just instances of life, the meaning of which is always open to interpretation. It means that dreams can always be questioned and tested against what is being experienced in the present. For it is quite usual that the effort to achieve what is dreamt is present-consuming. And one may easily understand that when the dream has finally been fulfilled it was not worth all the moments that had been lost in the process! To live a life that is worth living, therefore, it is not only important that one understands where his or her fears come from. It is not only important to have faith. It is important that both of them be balanced against the value of what is currently lived! For a life that flows is a life worth living...