Functional and Special Services

Commercial Organization and Policy Development

The commercial effort of organizations is of utmost importance in the implementation of their strategy. I help organizations devise the right commercial strategies and to organize themselves accordingly. I then help in driving implementation through the use of tools and processes. I make sure that commercial activity is fully integrated. Most of the times organizations need to sell through various channels. I help them through the devising of well-designed and implemented commercial policies that suit this purpose. Ultimately, I help them to reflect their policies in well-designed systems so that they build a robust customer interface.

Operational Efficiency and Business Process Optimization

Usually business processes are built so that they serve dated organizational structures and not the task at hand. That results in operational efficiency levels around or even less 50%. Organizations could however sustainably operate at 80% or even more. Through a process of observation and measuring I identify the efficiency level of organizations. I then set new targets and criteria for organizational process redesign, which I help them implement.

Physical and Cyber Security Proofing and Risks Management

Organizations are more exposed to cyber and physical security risks than ever. Such risks are so big that may even result in serious discontinuation or even closure. Despite this fact, they are managed sporadically as a result of the fact that the approaches that are offered are sporadic and non-integrated. I offer a holistic approach to corporate bulletproofing. The solutions that are offered are completely vendor-independent..