Organizational Digital Transformation

Organizations are not able to compete effectively if they are not fully digitally transformed. In modern times, it is not that the business will need to become digital. Digital is going to be the business. I offer vendor-independent consulting services in order to help organizations understand where they stand in terms of their digitization and then to devise a way forward that will ensure that they be transformed digitally.


Organizations may face significant difficulties from time to time. During such times, the right decisions need to be taken effectively and implemented efficiently. Bold action needs to be taken so that to ensure that difficult days be overcome and sustainable growth be established again. Having managed businesses during deep crisis years, I have become an expert in helping organizations manage their turnaround process effectively and efficiently. I undertake challenging executive positions like that of the CRO or I work closely with the top management of organizations in order to ensure that the whole process be planned and executed timely and correctly.

Corporate Cultural Surveys

Rejuvenating an aged organizational culture usually requires that the organization becomes aware of the situation it is in. I use the powerful organizational culture assessment inventory. In this way I measure organizational culture across the organization. I then raise the awareness levels of the organization in a systematic way, therefore making it fit to seek change. I work with the teams in order to make that happen using the powerful Adizes Methodology in cooperation with the Adizes Institute of which I am an Associate along with its global network of professionals.