Philosophical and Political Points of View

I believe that there is God in the form of a power that drives the universe or the universes. I believe that there is no conflict between religion and science. I consider them to be complementary, since both serve the need of man to satisfy curiosity, find purpose and ensure a future. Religion bets on fear to built faith whereas science bets on faith to deal with fear.

I believe in the power of love as the noblest of all virtues. I believe in the power of man to win all battles and ultimately thrive in its name.

I believe that for the bright side of things there is always an equally strong dark one. Man has the unique capability to build beauty on top of hell!

I consider that the power of man to bridge the gap between the good and the bad, to balance them and to use the strength ot this antithesis to the benefit of the universe is the greatest quality of man!

I believe that the only axiom in the universe is balance. I therefore believe in the power of human sentiment, mind, body and spirit when they are perfectly balanced and I believe that freedom is the catalyst for that to happen and produce greatness.

I believe in the freedom of all. I worship work in whatever form. I despise unearned wealth. I only like games that have rules. Otherwise I am not interested in playing.

Without any doubt I am a liberal. My philosophical routes are deeply Aristotelian in the form that Ayn Rand has expressed his philosophy in the modern world.

I believe that social systems evolve in a darwinian way. They swing back and forth in the way that Graves' spiral dynamics describe as they constantly evolve.

My view on things is not framed by space and time. I recognize that this is relevant everywhere. I believe that man lives in the past, present and future with memories, experiences and dreams anyway!

I believe that ethics are important but I understand that they are locally and temporally framed. In this context, I consider it important that mankind recognizes its shelfish nature. However, I believe that shelfishness ultimately works for the benefit of mankind.

I believe that man is unique and will eventually reach the divine! I therefore believe that children are and will always be better. By default hey deserve the best. After all, they are the message we send to a world that we will never see!